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MMO Lingo(quoted from Oofthka)

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MMO Lingo(quoted from Oofthka) Empty MMO Lingo(quoted from Oofthka)

Post  Darth Jevln on Tue May 03, 2011 11:05 pm


from what i have heard, i happen to be the one who has had the most experience playing MMOs. Therefore, to help prevent the possibility of all of us being called a noob at the start (trust me, it happens), I am gonna fill you in on some lingo that you may need to know. You may already know some of these phrases but there are plenty that are out there and some are self-explanatory as well.

Common phrases are:

WTS- willing to sell
WTB- Willing to buy
WTT- Willing to trade
LF- Looking For (can also be used in party searching)
Qx or Rx- requires x (x can be a number or level of some attribute required in order to weild) (not exactly sure if it will be in game but still good to know.)
Omw- on my way (used for guild/alliance chat to reserve a spot in the group that is being formed)
Brt- be right there (same as omw)
PuG- pick up group (no planning involved, just a bunch of random people in a group. not the best idea if PvPing cause you will most likely die fast due to the lack of planning)
PvP- Player vs. Player
PvE- Player vs. Environment
PvX- PvP and PvE (used mostly to describe a type of guild, some guilds specialize in one or the other, but some are both)
1- yes or ready(used before entering an instance/dungeon/explorable area)
Gank- pretty much destroying a target without them realizing (usually a high level player vs low level or a huge group vs 1 person)
1337/l33t/leet- adjective meaning awesome
Tank- character who tries to take all the damage usually 1 per group and will most likely have bad DPS unless altered. updated 5/2/11
DPS- Damage per second (characters who hit hard and are sometimes squishy)
Squishy- character with low armor and health and can die quickly
Healer- dude who heals
RL or RLF- real life/ real life friend (someone you actually know outside of SWTOR) 5/2/11
GZ or GC or gratz or grats- Congratulations 5/2/11
WC- wrong chat (used when typing in a chat channel something that was meant in another channel) 5/2/11
PC- price check (used to see what an item is worth before selling it to players. it is best to get more than one estimate.)(only useful if the trading in game does not have a Trade outpost or Trade NPCs) 5/3/11

That's all i can think of right now, if there is more that comes to me later i will update or post again.

Darth Jevln
Darth Jevln
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Guild Leader

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MMO Lingo(quoted from Oofthka) Empty Awesome info

Post  INSANECHAOS on Fri May 06, 2011 3:02 pm

I didn't know half of that list. Thanks for the heads up this will make playing the game alot easier knowing what those mean.


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