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Sith Scion History and Story: The More You Know!

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Sith Scion History and Story: The More You Know! Empty Sith Scion History and Story: The More You Know!

Post  Raelyn on Tue Jun 21, 2011 6:44 pm

Hey guys! This the first guild story as told from the perspective of my character, Darth Reavin, apprentice to Darth Arcadium. This is a brief in-character outline of what you can expect from us as far as role-play themes, and upcoming events! Keep an eye out for the OOC briefing coming soon!

As you enter the grand hall, you notice a lone woman seated amongst an elevated platform. She is dressed in rich, dark colored robes, traditional of that of an Inquisitor, and one whom is seen in the public eye. She has a smooth, yet eerily powerful sense about her. Her hand gestures invite you to the lowermost platform from where she is seated. There is a small curl on her lips; a knowing, subtle grin. Her voice is calm, her words concise, and she speaks from years of experience.

Time. Such a fleeting concept. One thousand years we have waited in the shadows of Drommund Kaas. But what would you know of time? Nothing…

You come to us because you sense the power of the Dark Side. You come with thoughts, cravings, ideas…

You are flawed. You are born unto an imperfect time. Unable to truly grasp the very essence of that which you serve. You are nothing…

And yet, you are here. You have come of your own free will. You understand there is more than what you have. You have seen the impurity of those who deny the Dark Side. You sense there is a greater power to serve.

You are correct. You are wise to seek us out…

Reavin adjusted herself in the seat. Her gaze was now transfixed on those before her, as though she were sensing unspoken thoughts. Slight hints of a grin curled at the woman’s lips. The Inquisitor pushed herself up with the utmost grace, slowly descending the elevated platform to which she had been seated upon, in her rightful place next to the Master.

One thousand years after the Great War. One thousand years of silence. We have not sat idle upon this land. The Emperor has provided a fruitful armada, along with his protection, and growth of our Imperial Empire. The Dark Council of whom I serve has delivered teachings of the Dark Side, and instilled upon you knowledge of the great power it holds.

You have been mislead…

The Inquisitor descended a few more steps, though almost unconsciously making point to keep herself elevated above the others. Her lips had curled into a knowing grin that matched the malice in her eyes.

While our great Emperor readied his armies, his warriors and coddled his council; we have been waiting. You see, he deserves not the power which he possesses. His lineage is fraudulent, his mind warped. The Emperor is running out of time…

Our lineage far surpasses his own, and with that simple fact, renders us more capable, deserving, and entitled to OUR Empire! Generations of interbreeding the bloodlines of True Sith and Dark Jedi. We not all walk with the red skin of our ancestors, but their crimson blood runs in our veins. We have been taught. We have learned the truth. And we have waited…

But we will wait no more. You have sought us out because it is this power that calls you. The call of Tulak Hord, Ajunta Pall, and all others who once walked this land brings you closer to your true destiny. We improve ourselves in their image. We walk the land they are no longer able to. And you will serve your true Masters!

Reavin closed her eyes. She had turned her body to fully face those beneath her. Taking a practiced stance, Reavin focused her breathing, allowing the energy of the Dark Side to course through her. Large crackles and electrical snaps sizzled throughout the room. Her display of power was immense, though her point had been made. As quickly as it had appeared, the room was now clear of the sharp chains of electricity it had only moments ago displayed. Reavin’s lips curled once again into that signature grin she wore outside the political circle.

You know nothing of your potential. You have none. Only with our teachings will you ascend to your true calling. My Master will provide this for you. Carry with you the Dark Side, or sheer brutality and the ability to wield a light saber; you will do so in our name. The Sith Scion is more than an empire. We are destined for greatness. Unlimited power is at our disposal…

Our ascendance has been foretold by prophets for generations. Secrets whispered about our existence. Rumors trickling down the spine of those who consider themselves untouchable. But now that the Emperor is pre-occupied with his war against the Old Republic, our time is approaching.

Time is on our side. My Master, Darth Arcadium, will rise above all others, ensuring our place in the Imperial Dynasties. It is therefore charged upon you to protect those whom you serve. Swear your allegiance to the Sith Scion, and you will be granted knowledge. Knowledge unknown to most, passed down within our blood lines. The power we possess is unimaginable. But it is not easy to learn.

You will sweat. You will bleed. You will break. You will bow beneath us.

You will be risen in the glory of the Empire.

You will be watched. Judged. Tested. Driven. You will prove yourself before us.

You will swear your oath to Darth Arcadium, Our Lord and Leader. Revel in his glory, his power, and know the true meaning of the Dark Side!

With that last cry, Reavin allowed the cheers to die down. Delighted was she to see such enthusiasm among those new to the Order. Younglings, they were. Some newly recruited. Reavin grinned with that spark of deception within her gaze, unbeknownst to most. Only did a select few understand her words for what they really were.

And know fear beneath my hand. All is not as it seems. You will come to know the truth in time. You will know who it is you truly serve…
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