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What Sith Scion stands for!

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What Sith Scion stands for! Empty What Sith Scion stands for!

Post  Darth Jevln on Tue May 03, 2011 11:35 pm

Hello all potential friends and Sith Lords/Allies!

I would just like to give you a rundown on our guild and what we hope to be able to create together!

Sith Scion is an RP guild dedicated to providing the SWTOR community with a rich Star Wars experience. Allowing every player to come together as a community and play this great game. All members will be part of our Sith Council allowing all members to participate in general desicions regarding guild policies and events. Role playing in any level is fine and would be more than welcome. Any ideas on how to nurture the RP experience are welcome. No idea will be turned away from Council discussion unless it is frivolous or has already been decided upon. One idea is to assign a Master to an Apprentice allowing beginner players to learn from experts. Mentors will be volunteers, but the players who volunteer will be considered for advancment and will receive better loot from each raid.

Advancement in the guild will be determined by a group vote or we may decide to have a more RP like feel and require trials/ duels to decide advancement. PvE and PvP will also be a MAJOR part of the guild, but NOT Essential. This will allow everyone to feel welcome in the Sith Scion Atmosphere and be able to do exactly what you want. Events will be coordinated weekly by the Council consensus allowing a guild activity each and every day. Classes that are not force sensitive will also be allowed to join in on the consensus, so don't worry! This will alllow all of us to work together and come to know each other better. The guild's main goal is to form a community and comraderie amungst its players that we all hope will turn into lasting friendships.

This guild would also like to expand into other forms of media if we are able to. Anyone who is interested in fan fiction or general Star Wars discussion would be readily accepted into the fold. We may have fan fiction competitions and story tellling competitions that will alow players to win loot or other interesting artifacts of power. This guild will be very flexible and dynamic allowing the guild to change with the demands of its populace.
It will be the creation of its members and not of its creator.

You, the apllicant, have the chance to shape the guild in the way you want!
Darth Jevln
Darth Jevln
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Guild Leader

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